This Soulbyte helps to replace the accusing voice of depression. God has purchased eternal joy for His kids. He is inviting us to trade Him a spirit of despair for a heart that sings. Joy is the atmosphere of God's presence; He laughs at His enemies. The Father sings over us, Jesus praises the Father, and the Holy Spirit pirouettes around us. Use this Soulbyte to help resonate joy into every fiber of your being!

Flood your heart with verses like: Isaiah 61:3, Psalm 16:11, Psalm 2:4, Isaiah 51:11… and more. 


"I give you joy" (Serenity)

Ideal for: pre-sleeping, meditating, walking, etc.

"I give you joy" (Cardio Pump)

Ideal for: cardio workouts, running, cycling, etc. 

"I give you joy" (Extreme Rock)

Ideal for: weight lifting, skateboarding, extreme sports, etc.

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