Unpacking Soulbyte Language


The human soul was created by The Father to be a riverbed for His voice/song (Genesis 2:7, Zephaniah 3:17, John 7:38,). His voice is His presence (Genesis 3:8). Therefore, our soul was created by Him to host His presence. Our soul is our mind (James 1:21, Matthew 11:29), emotions (Luke 1:46, Mark 14:34), and will (Psalm 103:1, 130:5). It is part of our triune divine-image architecture: body, soul, and spirit (Genesis 1:26, 1 Thess. 5:23). Our soul incubates and administrates mindsets, that give birth to feelings and actions. Every child of God is looking for The Father's voice to ignite his (or her) soul; The Father’s voice ignites one’s identity/gender (Mark 1:11), covering (Gen. 15:1), commissioning (Mark 9:7), sense of oneness with The Father (John 10:30), and purpose with divine assignments (Gen. 12:1-2). The Father’s voice gives life to every soul (Isa. 55:3). When our souls come into agreement (entrainment) with His voice, via speaking in agreement with what we “see” in our hearts (Jer. 1:9, 10, 11, John 12:49), breakthrough is guaranteed (Jer. 1:12, Isa. 55:10-11). We encounter His voice by encountering His Living Word… Jesus (John 1:1, 14, Hebrews 1:1-2). When our souls prosper... everything prospers (3 John 2).


Jesus’ final words on earth, as He hung on the cross, were, “It is finished!” (Jn. 19:30). This translated statement comes from the Greek word, tetelestia. It was a commercial term meaning “paid in full.” When a debt had been perfected, a stamp with the word tetelestai was placed on a legal document to signify that it had been perfected/completed. Jesus fulfilled the law and redeemed/paid for everything that man could not pay for (Matt. 5:17). All sins, past, present and future, for all mankind, were paid for at the cross (Heb. 10:12). But He didn't just pay for our sins, He paid for our righteousness (2 Cor. 5:21), sonship, and inheritance (Gal. 4:7). He proved the transaction by His resurrection (Rom. 4:25), and now all of the Father’s promises are “yes and amen” in Him (2 Cor. 1:20, Rom. 8:31-32).


Known as "meditation" in the Bible (Joshua 1:8, Psalm 19:14), Biblical Mindset Conditioning is the discipline of using Bible verses and stories as the primary sonic-DNA to hear the Father's voice (2 Tim. 3:16-17). Bible verses and stories carry God-breathed blueprints that illuminate Jesus- His life, death, burial, and resurrection/His full redemption (John 5:39, Luke 24:27). They are "divine seeds" (Luke 8:11) that, when sown into one's heart, supercharge one's faith (Rom. 4:20-21). Once planted and cultivated in a heart that has been cleared of "weeds" (dissonant mindsets), these divine seeds-of-life manifest a harvest of life (Luke 8:15).


The word dissonant means: inharmonious, harsh, out-of-tune, and incongruent. Dissonant Mindsets are "inharmonious" mental strongholds lodged in one’s heart (Jeremiah 4:14, 2 Corinthians 10:4, Psalm 139:23). Dissonant Mindsets give demon’s legal right to “pair” (like a Bluetooth sensor) with their victim’s soul via an accusation (Revelation 12:10). Dissonant Mindsets are conceived from agreements with faulty ways of thinking. Origins of dissonance can be categorized as: 1.) Generational Dissonance, 2.) Personal Dissonance, and/or 3.) Cultural Dissonance (wounds from others). The highest ranking Dissonant Mindset is an orphan-spirit (John 14:18). Dissonant Mindsets are held in place by unforgivness (John 20:23, Matt. 18:34-35). Some symptoms of hosting Dissonant Mindsets include: a sense-of-vulnerability to impending danger, worry/stress/anxiety, doubt, fear, shame, a victim mentality, feelings of mistrust and betrayal, exhaustion, confusion, envy, self-contempt, bitterness, and hatred (Genesis 3:10, John 5:7, Matthew. 24:10, Ps. 32:3-4). Demonic Technologies are diabolical strategies based on the dissonance being hosted by a demon's prey. Demon’s roam back and forth, like lions, throughout the earth, seeking to exploit Dissonant Mindsets (Job 1:7, 1 Peter 5:8, Zechariah 3:1, Luke 22:31). A demon's goal is to engage it's prey with an accusation, creating a dissonant frequency that short-circuits one's ability to hear The Father’s voice- thus robing it's victim of it's identity and destiny (John 10:10).


Based on Ps. 139:23-24 and Numb. 13:1-2, 18, 19, 20, “Soul Reconnaissance,” is the process of “spying out one’s heart” to identify Dissonant Mindsets. Journaling, in concert with praying Ps. 139:23-24, is a powerful tool to engage the Holy Spirit to unmask these toxic ways of thinking/Dissonant Mindsets (2 Cor. 10:5-6). The entire goal of Soul Recon is to identify the mental strongholds (the “weeds”) that are choking out God’s divine seeds-of-life (Luke 8:14).


The Courtroom of Heaven is a place accessed by faith, at any time, by a Christian (Heb. 12:22, 23, 24). It is a legal setting where Dissonant Mindsets (mental strongholds) can be disempowered by the blood of Jesus and the word of one’s testimony that Jesus paid it all (Rev. 12:11, John 19:30). The enemy can only oppress a Christian by legal right. Dissonant Mindsets give the enemy the legal right to oppress and pester a Believer. This is why the Bible says that the Devil is roaming about searching for whom he may devour (1 Pet. 5:8). Once he finds a Dissonant Mindset that a Christian is hosting, he presents that to God in The Courtroom of Heaven to make a case against that person (Zech. 3:1, Luke 22:31). The Bible tells us that our words administrate our acquittal (Prov. 18:21, Matt. 12:37, Isa. 54:17). We can take away the enemies legal right to accuse us by applying the blood of Jesus and our testimony, in The Courtroom of Heaven (Heb. 10:13, Luke 18:3, Rev. 12:11).


Divine Replacement is the process of replacing a Dissonant Mindset with a promise from the Father. The result is The Father’s Voice flowing freely through our hearts, as a river of life, giving life to everyone and everything around us (John 7:38-39, Ezekiel 47:9, Rom. 8:19). This Divine Replacement, this beauty-for-ashes exchange (Isa. 61:3, Ephesians 4:22-24), is possible because Jesus legally purchased/redeemed all of the Father's promises at the cross (John 19:30, 2 Cor. 5:21). And because of Jesus' resurrection-life (Rom. 8:11), all of The Father's promises are "yes and amen," spoken through us... which brings glory to Him (2 Cor. 1:20).


The Soulbyte Protocol is a 21 day supersonic Divine Replacement runway. Built on the spiritual technology of the Seven Foundational Teachings and the Four Pillars (Hear, See, Speak, and Live), it serves as a strategic pathway to replace a specific Dissonant Mindset with a specific promise from the Father (1 John 4:18, Isa. 55:3, 2 Cor. 1:20). Every Soulbyte album follows The Soulbyte Protocol.


Ways of thinking/perceiving, in the heart/soul, that determine one's alignment and engagement with either life or death (Prov. 23:7, Matt. 15:19, Rom. 8:5-6, ).


Jesus' way of thinking/perceiving. It is characterized by the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). The mind of Christ is a gift to all of God's children, but it must be cultivated and established through intentionality and intimacy (1 Cor. 2:16, John 15:15, Col. 3:2-3, Rom. 12:2, Phil. 2:5, James 1:21).


The omission of a healthy earthly father’s voice conceives the highest-ranking Dissonant Mindset known as an orphan-spirit. Fathers were given a special mandate to prime-the-pump of every child’s heart to come into cadence/agreement with their heavenly Father’s voice (Deuteronomy 6:6-7, Prov. 22:6). A healthy Dad’s voice frames the child’s gender, identity, covering, commissioning, and sense of purpose (Mark 1:11, Mark 9:7). A healthy Dad's voice helps one overcome enemy assaults (Luke 4:4). A healthy Dad’s voice transfer’s a mantel of strength and courage, centered in a "my God is your God" mindset (1 Chron. 28:20). An orphan-spirit (again, the Dissonant Mindset with the highest ranking authority) manifests as anger, hatred, a sense-of-betrayal, and irrational offenses toward God and others (Matt. 24:10). A person hosting this Dissonant Mindset is usually completely unaware that they are holding a deep offense toward their earthly father, regarding what they DID NOT receive from him (Prov. 22:6, Deut. 6:7, Eph. 6:4, Prov. 13:24). Because God is transcendent as "Father," and thus all human father's fall short of His glory, every human is hosting (in varying degrees and areas of the soul) an orphan-spirit. An orphan-spirit can be replaced with the Father's voice (Isaiah 55:3).


 Jesus paid for all sins, including Generational Dissonant Mindsets. These unhealthy mindsets are passed down through one's ancestry. The enemy is eager to exploit agreements we are hosting with Generational Dissonant Mindsets. Although they are already paid for, by Jesus' blood, the enemy has legal right to engage them IF we believe they still have power over us (if we are living in agreement with them). Generational Dissonant Mindsets are based on what the Bible calls “iniquities” (Exodus 20:5, Deut. 5:9, Ps. 51:5). The word "iniquity," in the Bible, comes from the Hebrew word awon. It means: "guilt/perversion legally mandating generational-punishment." Jesus paid for all iniquities (Isa. 53:6). However, like salvation, to disempower Generational Dissonant Mindsets, we must apply the blood of Jesus and agree/testify to His full payment for them (Neh. 9:2, Ps. 32:5, Acts 3:26). 


From the Greek word "metanoeo," meaning "to change the way one thinks." The Soulbyte definition is "to create a new constellation of neural pathways (in the heart) that are in sustained agreement/symphonic harmony with the Mind of Christ." (Matt. 4:17, Rom. 12:2, Acts 2:38).


Encountering the Father's voice is the result of a person, by faith, opening the door of his heart to Jesus- allowing Him, and thus the Father (John 10:30, John 14:9), to come in for divine communion (Rev. 3:20, John 14:6). The Father is longing for intimacy with His children (John 4:23). It all starts with the first encounter (Rom. 10:9-10). Once a person invites Jesus into his heart as Lord (and thus becomes "saved" Rom. 10:9-10), he (or she) can encounter the Father by faith at any time and in any situation (Heb. 11:6, Matt. 28:20, John 16:26-27). Characteristics (or manifestations) of encountering the Father's voice (Jesus Himself) are unique to each son's or daughter's spiritual DNA. A person whose life is characterized by ongoing encounters with God releases a river of life to everyone and everything around him/her (John 7:38-39, Ezek. 47:9).


A promise from the Father that one is invited to agree with, in his soul, to encounter and experience an aspect of His nature. Because God cannot lie, and He authored the Bible, the scriptures provide divine truth that frames up Father-Promises (2 Tim. 3:16-17, 2 Pet. 1:21, Numb.23:19, 2 Cor. 1:20). Praying, audible meditation, inner-man meditation, visualizing, decreeing, giving thanks, singing, praising, and writing are all examples of various ways of agreeing with the Father's promises (Psalm 19:14, Josh. 1:8, Rom. 10:8, 9-10, 2 Cor. 1:20, Psalm 1:2-3, Amos 3:3).


From the Greek word "elpis," meaning "an eager expectation of a guaranteed outcome based on a promise from God." (Heb. 10:23, Rom. 5:5, 1 Pet. 1:3).


The word "faith" in the Bible comes from the Greek word: pistis. It is described as the "substance" (or, unseen internal framework) of things hoped for (Heb. 11:1). Put differently, faith is the internal picture and thus mindset that one hosts in his heart (based on a hope or expectation). Biblical faith comes by continuously hearing the message of Jesus' finished work on the cross and resurrection-life (Romans 10:17, John 19:30, Rom. 8:11). Without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). This Biblical faith... overcomes the world (1 John 5:4). "Supercharged Faith," as Soulbyte uses it, is: Faith that is intentionally infused with abiding doses of Biblical revelation of Jesus (John 8:31-32). Supercharged faith produces a mindset like Abraham's. Abraham focused on the Father's promise to the point of becoming "fully convinced" that He (God) could do what He had promised... in spite of the circumstances (Rom. 4:20-21).


The Hebrew term "sode" means secret place, realm of God's presence, counsel, assembly, company, group, mystic council, congregation, friendship, familiar converse, divine circle, or foundation (Matt. 6:6, Ps. 91:1, Jer. 23:18). The sode (secret place) is the spiritual place (or mystic realm) where the Father, Jesus, and those around the Godhead are encountered (Heb. 12:22-24). Giving thanks, worship, and focused prayer are three primary doors to accessing the Sode (Ps. 100:4, John 4:23, 2 Kings 3:15, Matt. 14:23, Matt. 6:6). Engaging the Sode manifests in various ways/forms and sounds (based on individual and/or corporate DNA). In the movie Chariots of Fire, Eric Lidell illuminated how he engaged the Sode when he said, "... when I run I feel His pleasure."